Established in September 2006, with the help of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and with funding through the Federal Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP), the California Association of Health Facilities' Disaster Preparedness Program (CAHF-DPP) supports the integration of Long-Term Care (LTC) into disaster planning and response efforts throughout the state of California. 


     CAHF's Disaster Preparedness Program is designed to take an all hazards approach and has several aspects: education, facilitation of planning efforts, development of resources and tools, and state-level advocacy for long-term care.


Los Angeles County Resources

Use the following videos or webinars to learn more about emergency management, disaster preparedness, and to train facility staff members on best practices and regulatory requirements.   Updated 10/15/19

Upcoming Events for LA County Providers

Los Angeles County Department of Health Services:

January 8th, 2pm - 3pm: LA County Emergency Preparedness Webinar Series (CAHF webinar)

Join us every other month to recap the current events from LA County's Disaster Resource Centers. Prepare for upcoming County exercises, and review best practices for emergency preparedness. For the presentation on January 8th, we will review the County Exercise Evaluation Conference and complete and After Action Report together. Register here for our ongoing webinar series.

November 21st, 9am - 12pm: LA County Medical Health Exercise (LACOMHE) (At your own facility)

Register for the LA County Medical Health Exercise before October 31st to participate in your community's annual full-scale exercise. This exercise is meant to take place in your own facility to simulate the emergency scenario. Register here.

December 17th, 8:30am - 12pm: LA County Exercise Evaluation Conference (County event)

The 2019 Los Angeles County Statewide Medical and Health Exercise Evaluation Conference provides an opportunity for all exercise participants to assess their abilities to respond to a Flood event. The goal of the conference is to enhance resiliency and build capacity within our Los Angeles Healthcare Coalition system. Areas of strength and lessons learned will be discussed before the final County After Action Report is prepared. Register at the County's Eventbrite page here

Bi-Monthly Webinar

Specific Documents for LA County Providers


Locations of the Disaster Resource Centers


Previous Webinars for Los Angeles County