Extreme Temperatures

In California, extreme temperatures routinely threaten safe operations at healthcare facilities. Use the resources below to create a policy for your facility to protect residents' health and safety on days when the temperatures exceed the range considered operable by CMS. Or check out our template containing a sample policy under Emergency Operations Plans.

     Established in September 2006, with the help of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and with funding through the Federal Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP), the California Association of Health Facilities' Disaster Preparedness Program (CAHF-DPP) supports the integration of Long-Term Care (LTC) into disaster planning and response efforts throughout the state of California. 


     CAHF's Disaster Preparedness Program is designed to take an all hazards approach and has several aspects: education, facilitation of planning efforts, development of resources and tools, and state-level advocacy for long-term care.