Established in September 2006, with the help of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and with funding through the Federal Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP), the California Association of Health Facilities' Disaster Preparedness Program (CAHF-DPP) supports the integration of Long-Term Care (LTC) into disaster planning and response efforts throughout the state of California. 


     CAHF's Disaster Preparedness Program is designed to take an all hazards approach and has several aspects: education, facilitation of planning efforts, development of resources and tools, and state-level advocacy for long-term care.


Upcoming Events

Check out our ever-changing roster of upcoming events throughout the State of California. Email Cortney Kesterson, DPP Coordinator, if you have any questions or issues accessing this information.           Updated 10/29/19

California Department of Public Health - Statewide Events:

November 21st, All-Day: Statewide Medical Health Exercise (CDPH event)

This is the annual exercise for California's healthcare providers to practice their Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs). CDPH-EPO provides the Situation Manual and other exercise materials, as well as send out e-alerts on CAHAN on the day of the exercise. The annual exercise takes place on the third Thursday of November every year - add this statewide exercise to your calendar today! Sign up for CAHAN here.

Los Angeles County Department of Health Services:

November 6th, 2pm - 3pm: LA County DRC Updates Webinar Series (CAHF webinar)

Join us every other month to recap the current events from LA County's Disaster Resource Centers. Prepare for upcoming County exercises, and review best practices for emergency preparedness. For the presentation on November 6th, we will go over activities to incorporate into your facility's exercise when participating in the flood scenario of the 2019 LA County Medical Health Exercise. Register here

November 21st, 9am - 12pm: LA County Medical Health Exercise (LACOMHE) (At your own facility)

Register for the LA County Medical Health Exercise before October 31st to participate in your community's annual full-scale exercise. This exercise is meant to take place in your own facility to simulate the emergency scenario. Register here.

More events will be added very soon! Contact your county healthcare coalition coordinator, and ask if there are any training opportunities for LTC providers coming up. If you do not know who to contact at your County, check out our County contacts page

Bi-Monthly Webinar