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The CA Association of Health Facilities' Disaster Preparedness Program (CAHF-DPP) is funded through grants with the CA Department of Public Health, Los Angeles County Health Services, and other grants throughout the state. This website is a free resource library of emergency management tools for long-term care organizations. CAHF-DPP has collected materials and best practices from around the United States for the last ten years, and adapted many tools to fit the needs of LTC providers. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us! 


Thank you to Our Grant Partners!

Beginner's Guide

Don't know where to start on your emergency preparedness program? Check out this list of links that will guide you around our website, and listed in step-by-step order.

  1. Hazard Vulnerability Assessments

  2. Emergency Operations Plans

  3. Communications with the County

  4. Training and Testing Your Staff

  5. Exercises and Documentation



CAHF-DPP offers one-day trainings, tabletop exercises, webinars, and other instructional materials via Youtube. Check the Events page for our next in-person training! 

Courses we offer:

  • All-Hazards Business Continuity for Long Term Care

  • Nursing Home Incident Command: Introduction

  • Nursing Home Incident Command: Train-the-Trainer

  • Raising the Bar on Emergency Preparedness: the 2016 CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule

  • Active Shooter Preparedness for Healthcare Providers

  • Los Angeles County Disaster Resource Center Updates

  • Safe Evacuation for Long Term Care Providers


  • Psychological First Aid for LTC Residents

  • Care Considerations for Residents During Disasters

  • Earthquake Response and Recovery for LTC 

In the News
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