The "Just-in-Time Respiratory Protection Program" for long-term care providers provides instruction on how to create a respiratory-protection program through easy-to-use set-up and implementation checklists.  

The Just-in-Time Respiratory Protection Program enables facilities to establish a respiratory protection program to be utilized when the need arises. Currently, long-term care providers are considered “referring employers” in relation to federal and state regulations and guidelines that address respiratory protection programs in health facilities.  As we have seen with the recent H1N1 influenza pandemic, it is quite possible that long-term care facilities may be put into a position that they will need to implement a respiratory protection program. In a medical surge situation, it is quite possible that you will not be able to transfer individuals with respiratory illness from your facility. The Just-in-Time Respiratory Protection Program will allow facilities to quickly implement a program that will provide a safer environment for your staff and clients. 

Additionally, as part of the "Just-in-Time Respiratory Protection Program", CAHF-DPP has created a Just-in-Time Fit-Test video, which provides a quick overview of the required fit-testing process.

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